Product Highlight: Letterpress Gift Tag Set


Today we are talking about what will be the cherry on top of your gifts this year…the Letterpress Gift Tags! This set of 25 tags is included in each of our wrapping kits and also sold a la carte.

We would recommend grabbing an extra set of tags for tying on any gift bags this year. It’s the perfect way to tie together the aesthetic under the tree.

Here’s what we love about them:

  • Each tag is beautifully gold-foiled—did someone say quality?
  • They include a gold gromet for easy tying—these can be reused year after year.
  • To / With Love text on the back—warmer verbiage than the typical “To / From”
  • We’ve included a set of precut ribbons specifically for adding these tags onto gifts with ribbon already tied - no more retying after forgetting to add the tag.


Get a closer look at our Letterpress Gift Tag Set Here!