Why I'm Gifting Myself a Christmas Wrapping Kit this Year

How is it almost the end of the year already? We’re still in the very early stages of the holiday season, but there’s something about the weather subtly changing that gets me excited for Christmas even though it’s still October! Being the over-prepared person I am, I have already put a bit of thought into what I’ll be gifting myself this year and I’ve settled on one thing for sure - a Christmas Wrapping Kit. Not only will I be getting one of these myself, but I’ll be gifting a set to a couple of people very close to me.


Because for the holiday heroes I know are making magic happen for others, I want to make their holiday season a little bit easier.

Why not grab them some generic Target wrapping paper and some bows and call it good?

First, a Christmas Wrapping Kit from Merry Market will cost very close to the same as ordering the same amount of materials from Amazon. If it doesn’t end up costing that much more, why spend the time searching for individual pieces of gift-wrapping supplies?

Second, these kits are adorable! Merry Market offers 2 styles this year: Traditional and Minimal. I’ll be going for the minimal which will be a perfect match with my current decor and look amazing under my tree.

Third, it saves time and stress. I can order a kit now and have it delivered weeks before the holidays, giving me time to wrap gifts as I purchase them! Imagine not having to do a last-minute Christmas Eve wrapping session.


This year, I’m making Christmas easy and this is just one way I’m giving myself more time and mental space for my family and friends. Happy (early) holidays!


Learn more about the Merry Market Christmas Wrapping Kits here!